Sweet Jude’s has been 25+ years in the making. Raised in an Italian home, our gatherings always revolved around meals that went on and on.  At the end of each meal was first some fresh fruit, then something sweet with our espresso.   In that time, I learned that anything worth having comes at a price. That price always involved hard work.

One of the hardest and most satisfying jobs I’ve had was working in a bakery for 7 years.  I worked with very talented people and was able to create new items to sell.  It was like having my own little bakery and with that, the seed was planted. A notebook was born entitled “Someday” with articles, ideas, and recipes.

With the encouragement of so many who have enjoyed my baking over the years, my “Someday” has become a reality.  With my 2 beautiful kids grown, my husband of 32+ years is helping me grow what began as a hobby, then a passion and now the proverbial “dream come true”.

I would like to serve your individual preferences as much as possible.  Share your old, forgotten family recipes with me and I can bring them back to life.  I remember going to the public market in Rochester,  NY and my mother taking me to an Italian bakery to buy me a few Venetians on the way home. It was such a treat to have these cookies and they were so pretty.  When I began making them for my family at Christmastime, it was my way of carrying on the Italian culture and meaning these cookies had for me and now for my children.  It’s always a “special day” in my home when these cookies are served!

At Sweet Jude’s, you will have made-from-scratch baked goods using quality ingredients.  No mixes, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.  There are no worries about shelf life since everything is made fresh.  This is not a high-production, machine-made, everything-is-exactly-alike bakery.

Sweet Jude’s is about sharing a special dessert that brings everyone to the table and keeps them coming back for more…and off their phones!


Judy Bayer


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