How do I place an order?

Email  or by phone.  If emailing, please be sure to include your phone number to confirm orders.  An order form will be emailed to you confirming your ordered items, cost, delivery date and pick-up or delivery location.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

Since items are made to order, 48 hours notice is ideal for the freshest quality baked goods.

Is delivery available?

Depending on the timing and distance from Webster, NY we may be able to deliver.  Delivery fees will be determined based on distance.

How do I pay for my order?

Cash or check.  A deposit may be required for large orders.

Do you ship?

Certain baked goods can be shipped.  Biscotti are one of several available for shipping.  Shipment fees apply.

Can I change how an item is made?

Most items can be altered to your preference.  You can eliminate or add nuts, ask for a different flavored icing or cake filling.  The choice is yours.  Additions or substitutions may require a price change.

Can I have my order arranged on a tray?

All items are packaged in bakery boxes.  Trays are available for an additional fee depending on the tray size. Individual packaging is also available for school functions, packed lunches, etc.

Can I freeze any extras?

Cookies can certainly be frozen.  Cakes not so much.